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Making breakfast, taking photographs, eat it, and go to the work… Kei Yamazaki spend her morning time doing like that. That's a simplest thing, but we can't do it everyday, actually. She is posting photos of her brekfast on Instagram from 2012, and she has gained more than 300,000 followers now. " I MAKE BREAKFAST " is the collection of photographs of Kei's exquisite morning meals. The hand writing menu by Kei has become the accent of the page design. This ZINE is likely to smell the coffee aroma rising from the photos. It might be given the great inspiration for your morning time. [ INFORMATION ] Author : Kei Yamazaki Format : 148×210mm / 24 coloured pages Price : 1,200yen Supervise, Design and Publishing : édition PAUMES Languages : Japanese and English Kei Yamazaki Am Graphic designer of édition PAUMES, and I also started producing my own work on " EMPAPURA PLUS " since 2013. You can check my breakfast photos on EMPAPURA PLUS blog and Instagram. EMPAPULA PLUS…www.empapura.com Instagram…@keiyamazaki

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