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Paris 50

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Paris, the city greatly attracts people in art, design, fashion, food… Paumes has had a close relationship to this lovable city and friends living in there. This book is the collection of the lure of Paris we found there. In Paris, there are lots of popular tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tour, the Triumphal Arch, and Basilique of the Sacré Cœur. Same as them, we especially fell in love with the scenery hidden in the everyday life such as cafés, marchés, the banks of Seine, windows of the apartment etc... Hope you enjoy this book as if to walk together with us. Format : B 6 / 96 coloured pages Retail price : 1000 yen Publisher : édition PAUMES, Japan Author : PAUMES Language : Japanese http://www.paumes.com/book-e/detail-e/paris50/paris50.html

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