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Finland Yum-Yum Kitchens

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New Finnish cuisine attracts the attention of people by the pure taste of fresh and natural ingredients. Based on the traditional Finnish legal concept known as the "everyman's right" , people can freely pick wild berries, mushrooms, herbs, go fishing and hunting. Wild food is a part of the Finnish culture. PAUMES had a interest in Finnish cooking, and decided to visit the kitchens of artists and designers in Finland. In their kitchens and at their dining tables, we saw lots of Finnish design which is characterized by functional, minimal and heart-warming feeling. You will be able to find lovely ideas for the interior and table decoration. Also all artists cooked their favorite dishes. In "Finland Yum-Yum Kitchens" , you can enjoy both design and food. It is simply delicious food for for your eye! Format : A5 / 112 coloured pages Publisher : édition PAUMES, Japan Author : PAUMES Language : Japanese http://www.paumes.com/book-e/detail-e/FinYumKit/FinYumKit.html

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