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Paris Gardens

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Entering from the stone-paved path at Paris, beautiful greens and flowers spread out before our eyes. It is the Parisian secret garden here. Edition Paumes takes you for a walk into the private gardens by urban gardeners. They enjoy the gardening and time to relax at their beloved garden. It’s like an extra room surrounded by the nature. The urban gardening will enrich our everyday life. This book would be a rich source of inspiration for your garden. Also lovely photographs would bring refreshing feeling for you. It’s full of blooming flowers, various kinds of plants, sunshine and smiles of garden lovers. Included a mini Paris guide for gardening lovers. Format : A5 / 112 coloured pages Publisher : édition PAUMES, Japan Author : PAUMES Language : Japanese http://www.paumes.com/book-e/detail-e/ParisGarden/ParisGarden.html

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