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Helsinki Kawaii Guide - design, cafés and other lovely finds

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Helsinki, the capital of Finland is just the right size for walking around. You feel you can walk almost everywhere and be always surrounded by the lovely scenery, like a pleasant park, beautiful buildings, harbor where seagulls fly... And, you can always find pretty stores and cozy cafés along the streets. Indeed lots of wonderful Finnish design everywhere! In this book, PAUMES takes you to Kawaii stores in Helsinki. Included are well-known examples of Finnish design brands, but also upcoming, remarkable designers and places popular amongst the locals. The text is in Japanese however the detailed and attractive photos will give you a good impression of the stores. The guidebook is organized by city districts and there is a map on the first page of each chapter. All store information is in English, so it is easy to plan your visit. Welcome to the journey of 52 stores where you can experience the wide variety of Finnish design! Format : A5 / 128 coloured pages Retail price : 1700 yen Publisher : édition PAUMES, Japan Author : PAUMES Language : Japanese Store information in English http://www.paumes.com/book-e/detail-e/HelsinkiGuide/HelsinkiGuide.html

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