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Finland Gardens

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Finnish people have traditionally had a close relationship with nature. Enjoying free time by wondering in the forest or picking berries or mushrooms is very popular. We at PAUMES are attracted by the natural lifestyle of Finland, and we decided to visit Finnish artists and designers who have green fingers. We visited beautiful home gardens, allotment gardens with cottages, garden plots, vegetable gardens and so on… In Finland Gardens you can find 17 different gardens, but all equally filled with love for nature. We hope the book will inspire you in designing your own garden, and that you will enjoy the images of natural and organic lifestyle in Finland. The book also Includes a mini city guide for an enjoyable walk in Helsinki, Porvoo and Suomenlinna! Format : A5 / 128 coloured pages Publisher : edition PAUMES, Japan Author : PAUMES Language : Japanese http://www.paumes.com/book-e/detail-e/FinlandGarden/FinlandGarden.html

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